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How can you assess your PPC campaign ROI ?
Our PPC campaign tracking, analysis and reporting functions help to clearly demonstrate the overall effectiveness and ROI from your campaigns and also provide valuable website visitor/traffic data to help refine your future search
keyword selections.



PPC advertising allows you to bid for a range of targeted search keywords, with the highest bidder securing the top list position. The bid amount is charged only when a visitor actually visits your website and you maintain complete control of your advertising spend - set a daily advertising budget and increase, decrease or stop any or all of your specific campaigns at any time.

A carefully researched and managed PPC campaign can reap significant ROI.
By drawing from our experience in PPC advertising we can help to identify the most cost effective keywords to bid on and the most applicable search engines to consider for your online marketing campaigns.

We can set-up, implement and manage your PPC campaign with the leading PPC advertisement providers, including Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions
and Espotting.

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Monthly Website Traffic Analysis and Reporting
from £200 per month...
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